A special program for the weekend…

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2h group lessons with 8 students for two days, Saturday in the afternoon and Sunday in the morning.

Possible for the levels listed below.

We are very concerned about your children’s security and the helmet is mandatory.

The aptitudes specified for each medal are those to validate after taking lessons for a week.

Once you have identified your own aptitudes, make sure that you sign up for the next level.

Souris de Bronze (“Bronze Mouse”)

SourisBronze copie.png

Beginner classes for the 8 years old and older.

At the end of the week, I can use the drag lift on my own, slide with parallel skis on a gentle slope, and stop with a snowplough turn. I can put on and take off my skis on my own, and I can link snowplough turns.

Cristal International (“International Crystal”)


At the end of the week, I can link basic turns in a slalom (parallel skis between two snowplough turns).

I can cross the slope with parallel skis and gain some speed.

Cristal de Bronze (“Bronze Crystal”)


At the end of the week, I can skid on the traverse of a slope.

I can change direction by reorientating my skis.

I can link basic turns in a slalom and skid to finish my turns.

Cristal d'Argent (“Silver Crystal”)


At the end of the week, I can link parallel turns.

I can jump over bumps and balanced hollows.

I can make skidded turns.

Cristal de Vermeil (“Vermeil Crystal”)


At the end of the week, I can link short to medium radius turns with parallel skis (godille, short swing notion).

I can stop wherever I want with a skid.

I can increase my speed and schuss.

Weekend option

* All season, out of school holidays

2 group lessons


Saturday (2:00-4:00 pm) and Sunday (10:00 am-12:00 pm)