For the adults’ progression

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Learning in small groups, with 8 students maximum.

1h30 or 2h lessons, subject to availability.

The aptitudes specified for each medal are those to validate after taking lessons for a week.

Once you have identified your own aptitudes, make sure that you sign up the next level.

Different levels:

Beginner: Has never skied before or very little (once or twice).

Class 1: One to two weeks of ski. Snowplough turns on a blue run.

Class 2: Two to three weeks of ski. Stem turns (parallel skis between two snowplough turns) and skidding control on a red run.

Class 3: Four to five weeks of ski. Parallel skis and godille skiing (short swing) on a medium slope (red run).

Free-ride: Godille skiing, gaining speed, off-piste skiing... on all types snow and terrain.

Duration 2h00 – Morning and afternoon – Contact us

8 students maximum (+/-1)

* High-season: French school holidays of all areas, excluding Christmas week.

* Low-season: Christmas week and all season out of school holidays.


Single day ticket


Week Sunday to Friday


Christmas week only

10:00 am-12:00 pm or 2:00-4:00 pm

5 days Monday to Friday / 10:00 am-12:00 pm


Out of school holidays




Séances au choix :

9h-11h ou 11h-13h ou 13h-15h ou 15h-17h

Sous certaines conditions

Formule réduite - Durée 1h30 - Horaires selon disponibilités

Toute la saison

Single day ticket


3 jours


5 jours Lundi au Vendredi


6 jours Dimanche au Vendredi